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shut down my base accountwell I'm trying anyway.
for some reason the email address I set up for it isn't working so I can't get the email to finish the deactivation.
does Yahoo get rid of your account if you don't use it for awhile or something?
its saying the ID isn't taken yet
anyway I've shut it down completely(at least as much as I can)
because not only am I sick of the bases, but sick of the things I have to hear because I removed my bases.
now I'm sure this person wasn't trying to be rude, but I really dont' need to hear about how they never let their stress 'hurt' their watchers.
so I guess removing some old shitty bases is painful to the watchers on that account.
it must be SOOO much worse then the actual sickness I felt everytime I had to deal with someone misusing MY work.
I was not trying to hurt anyone, and I felt like crap already for taking them away from the watchers who were decent people about it
I'm being oversensitive I know, but it was like twisting the knife already in the wound ><

ok, since I can't deactive this shit hole account I guess I leave this note

if you still have the files for the bases I have taken down, YES you still have to credit
NO you can't repost the base or share it with ANYONE
if it were up to me, no base made from my art would be used again.
but I can't stop it.
some are still up that were made by others, and I know people still have the files.
so all I ask is that if that is the case you still follow the rules, and don't use my art if I have banned you from it or you have blocked me.
you can find the rules here: Base ToSEDIT//IMPORTANT
I have stored the majority of my bases.
I apologize, but after trying again, as short lived as it was, I found I still couldn't handle the bullshit.
so only the P2U bases will remain available.
this does magically mean my bases are no longer mine.
this does mean you don't have to follow my rules if you still have the files.
(the black list still counts also, it just won't be up anymore.
basically if you've blocked me, or I've told you you can't use my work you're on it.)
you CAN use them if you have the files, but you still have to follow these rules, PLUS ABSOLUTELY NO SHARING OR REPOSTING OF BLANK BASES ALLOWED
if you are caught doing so, or breaking any rules, you will receive no warning, and be reported for art theft right away.
and possibly called out as a thief depending on the circumstances.
if anything below doesn't make sense to you feel free to ask questions.
Basically the rules for using any bases in this gallery.
The basic rules are poste

all of my rules are still in place, don't follow them and I'll report your edit.
but you can credit my main account instead of this one.
Fluffomaru :iconfluffomaru:

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